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Founded in February 2012, BIGBANG Beverages have used the first few months in R&D and market analysis for our opening markets.

BIGBANG Beverages has already signed contracts with a number of existing distribution tycoons around the globe and the process is still on. The initial Pre first terms sales are aimed and expected to reach over 50 million cans in the first year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

BİGBANG EEnergy Drink is halal. Halal is very important in Muslim countries all over the world. ICRIC The Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center by lawful documents received from certification bodies that are accredited are valid all over the world. In place of manufacture before a certificate of origin of the contents are checked and examined by an official of the Council.

BİGBANG Energy Drink is suitable for vegetarians who do not contain animal products or substances derived from animals.

Generally do not compare with the sports drink. Because of the different composition of and they see a completely different functions. Energy Drink is an energy drink; while others are isotonic sports drink.

Energy Drink is a functional beverage. It is not a thirst quencher. Overall, comparable to that indigestible 'cafés; A good way to understand this is how internal to. Recommended, including those smoking at once, daily energy drink consumption is equivalent to a person's coffee consumption; this also varies from person to person. A box of caffeine in energy drinks is equal to that of a cup of filter coffee.

Energy Drink does not contain doping substances, nor prohibited for professional athletes. However, caffeine is restricted during the race can be found in the body of a professional athlete. Urine levels of 12 mg / l caffeine high, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is one of the ingredients in the black list in the Medical Commission.

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